We are Polypropylene Printers and Polypropylene Product Manufacturers.  

We offer the largest range of Polypropylene Colours and Thicknesses, we also offer the largest range of Branding options onto Polypropylene as well as Polypropylene Product Design and Full in-house Finishing and Making up. 

Our Polypropylene is fully recyclable and can be recycled up to as many as 60 times. We offer the largest range of Recyclable Polypropylene and Recycled Polypropylene. 

We offer Polypropylene in a wide range of thicknesses for it’s many different uses, thicknesses start from as low as 200 microns (0.2mm) and can go up to 2000 microns (2mm), with thickness options in between. 

Our Polypropylene Supply, Branding and Finishing Capabilities are exceptional and leading in our industry.

We offer cost effective solutions and superior quality across a wide selection of applications, from: 


* Polypropylene Ring Binders


* Polypropylene Folders


* Polypropylene Boxes


* Polypropylene Dividers and Contents Sheets 


* Polypropylene Point of Sale and Advertising Materials


Polypropylene Packaging 


*  Polypropylene Tags and Labels


* Polypropylene Posters and Prints 


* Polypropylene Business Cards, Membership Cards and Loyalty Cards

We are printers and manufacturers of polypropylene products that originate from polypropylene flat sheets, and we employ the highest of standards and care at all times.

Polypropylene flat sheets come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, depending on the
manufacturing requirement. Among the most popular uses is packaging, and we are able to manufacture and print almost any kind.

The UK packaging industry alone is massive, and is worth £11 billion a year, of
which polypropylene packaging makes up a sizeable amount. Polypropylene packaging is widely used in the food industry; its purpose, like all food packaging, is to
protect food from pests and damage and, of course, to provide a suiable container for it for transport and storage needs, whether in warehouses, shops or kitchen cupboards.

The Strong Choice

Food packaging must be cost-effective to the manufacturer, and in this,
polypropylene packaging is a good solution. It also helps to extend the shelf-life of products, as well as shielding it. The packaging must be capable of withstanding shocks, such as being dropped, which with other materials, such as glass, would result in complete breakage.

Polypropylene is resistant to cracks and leaks and has a high temperature
tolerance, making it the ideal choice for foods that can be heated, including mass-produced microwaveable meals. Polypropylene is also easily recyclable, a big plus in our environmentally conscious times and especially when certain types of other packaging have a bad image due to their unfriendly nature.

Polypropylene is also generally used in the drinks industry, for bottles for anything from
juices to sports drinks to drinkable yogurt and milk. It has many uses in the non-food sector too. Among its many other common uses are as large storage containers, takeaway boxes and plastic jars.

Sales Booster

We can print any kind of design onto polypropylene packaging products,
depending on the various requirements of manufacturers and no matter what the end product is. The result is professionally produced polypropylene packaging that is also eye-catching, a key element to attaining strong sales.

We also manufacture polypropylene point of sale materials. Point of sale displays
are an important tool in not only marketing but also for swiftly moving products. The right design and its execution in the manufacturing and printing process will ensure increased sales volumes in stores.

There are all kinds of point of sale displays, from dummy stands holding products and
advertising a discount or special offer to posters, mobiles dangling from the ceiling with product or store information to labels on shelves informing customers about products and their pricing to lengthy banners. With all of these, polypropylene is the perfect material for the job.

Many places of work, whether off limits to the public or open, such as a supermarket,
require additional displays in the workplace, especially legally required signage regarding health and safety as well as directional signs and those that point to exits in the case of emergencies.

Another of our popular products are polypropylene ring binders, and because of
their properties, they are solid and lasting, making them a reliable choice whether for offices or the university lecture hall. They're also an excellent choice for sales presentations as they're lightweight and stylish, and corporate sales information can be printed onto their cover, making a complete sales package that can be given to potential new clients.

These polypropylene ring binders can be plain or coloured, and blank or bear text or designs. In all cases, we can manufacture and print to your desired specifications. We also make a variety of polypropylene
folders and document boxes. These can be used to safely store company documentation as well as for making guidance folders for staff and management, such as the company’s work practiceand professional standards of operation. They can also be used for training purposes, containing manuals for new employees.

Polypropylene pillow packs are another of our products. They can be used to store products or samples or as packaging for gifts and can be coloured and printed
according to requirements. They are a useful and attractive item for company marketing departments as products can be given away in them, either directly to the public or to private clients.

Fit to Print

In terms of printing onto polypropylene, one type we use is litho printing. This
involves a special litho press and the process results in a high-quality image that will add vibrancy to any product or display. It is suitable for large print runs and among the advantages are that it's relatively low-cost and quick and the colours can be varied to certain degrees, allowing for improved flexibility of designs.

We also do full colour printing onto polypropylene. This is desirable on products
whose artwork calls for realistic images such as those captured in photography. Screen printing is another option for clients’ polypropylene products. It can be a good option for bags, as they can be used to inadvertently advertise a company and or its products and services. Just for promotional purposes alone, these bag can be an effective marketing tool.

De-bossing is another option; it’s the opposite of embossing, where there are raised images or text. With de-bossing, the images or text is sunk into the material, in
this case polypropylene. It lends a classy look to any product. The artwork is made into a template that's used to press into the material and create the look. This type of printing is popular for executive materials and also promotional items.

Rounding out the types of printing we do is foil blocking onto polypropylene. It’s
normally for metallic colours such as silver and gold, and is an elegant way to make corporate logos stand out on materials. It’s also suitable for high-end food products as it has a decorative appearance.

Whatever your packaging and printing needs are, we can devise solutions that are a perfect fit for your products, that not only do the job well but are attractive as well as being

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"Designease deliver a quality product on budget with excellent customer service. What more could you want?"

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"Designease deliver a quality product on budget with excellent customer service. What more could you want?"

Craig Walker, Manor by the Lake

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